Four Practical Tips for Protecting Your Picture Frames


Picture frames influence the appeal and the impact of the artwork. Therefore, you must ensure that the framing installed in your home is in good condition at all times. If the framing deteriorates, your photographs, paintings and posters will lose their optimal aesthetic value. In addition, the frames pieces might become vulnerable to damage. Here are practical tips to help you protect your custom frames and maintain their beauty.

Protect From Adverse Conditions

You should keep your picture frames and your artwork in a secure environment free of adverse conditions. Often, beautiful frames deteriorate fast because they are not placed in suitable surroundings. You should avoid having your artwork in direct sunlight. Sunlight has a bleaching effect which will cause both your frames and the pieces to fade and lose their value. Also, you should make certain that your rooms are well-ventilated. If the interior space is too humid, the frames and their mats will absorb moisture, and the risk of rotting will be high.

Clean the Frame 

You should clean the frames frequently to prevent the build-up of grime. The right cleaning method will depend on the type of material used in the fabrication of the frames. Under ideal circumstances, you should dust the surfaces of your frames with a light feather duster or similar tool. If dust is ignored, it will cause discolouration. You should wipe the surfaces of timber frames with compatible wood oil. The oil will enhance the appeal of the material and protect against moisture. Plastic and painted metal frames can be wiped using a moist cloth.

Clean the Glass

You should cleanse the glass when maintaining the picture frames. The appeal of your photographs and other works of art will be affected by smudgy and grimy glass, even if the frame is in perfect condition. For the best results, you should purchase glass cleaning fluid and a microfibre cloth. Spray the liquid on the cloth and wipe the glass gently. This process will restore appeal without causing damage to your artwork.

Inspect the Frame

Finally, you should inspect the condition of your frame and the rest of your artwork on a regular basis. You should remove your pieces from the walls for a through examination. Check for mould and mildew on the frames and the mat. These growths can appear due to high humidity or moisture and will appear in the form of spots. You should also look for markings indicating water damage. If your framing has these signs of deterioration, you should plan for immediate replacement.


26 July 2018

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