How to Make Sports Trophies Memorable


A poorly thought out recognition program can easily lose meaning since the recipients of the sporting trophies will not attach any sentiments to those awards. This article discusses some measures that sports coaches in schools can take to ensure that the recipients treasure the trophies that they hand out.

Set Rules

Establish very clear guidelines outlining the minimum standards that a participant must meet in order to qualify for a sporting trophy. Those guidelines should also stipulate what can disqualify someone from receiving a trophy. For instance, no one who is caught using profane language during a sporting event can ever receive a trophy in that season. Such conditions will make each recipient to feel that he or she worked hard in order to merit receiving an award. Thus, they will treasure those awards as signifiers of their tireless effort.

Take Photos

Another way to make sporting trophies memorable is to take numerous photos as the students train or engage in competitive sporting events. Those photos will inevitably capture moments of individual and team excellence during different events. Do not show those photos to the students before the awards ceremony. Print the photos that portray the best moments of the individual trophy winners. Handover those photos as you award the trophy. The recipient will be thrilled to discover that there is photographic proof of their moments of glory. The trophy will take on a completely new meaning from that moment when the student looks at the photos. Ask an assistant to take those photos so that the task does not detract you from your primary role of overseeing the sporting performance of your students.

Be Specific

Trophies can become meaningless if they are not accompanied by specific messages of commendation. For instance, a student may find it hard to attach any value to a trophy he or she is given for working hard. However, the same trophy can become a treasured possession if you award that student for covering the greatest distance during all the football matches played in that season. Such a specific commendation will stand out in the mind of the recipient and the teammates. The best way to be able to commend each individual is to make extensive notes about each player throughout the season. You can then review those notes as you prepare for the awards ceremony. Messages stipulating individual achievement can be typed behind the photos described earlier on.

Your players will be spurred on to higher levels of achievement if you use the tips above to make each trophy recipient special at the end of the season. The trophies will hold a special place in their hearts and minds. Talk to a professional like Scotia Engraving for more information.


27 January 2016

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